Melodie Smith

 "Hal Franscioni has done several jobs for our family over the last  fifteen years. We have always found Hal to be knowledgeable,  well-skilled, professional, and punctual. We enjoyed knowing that we  could always count on Hal to help us with a project when we needed  something done around the house that we couldn’t handle.

  When my father, who had always prided himself on being able to fix  anything, began to show the early signs of dementia and was unable  physically to do a project at his home that needed to be completed, I  talked him into calling Hal Franscioni. Hal did his usual excellent  work, but more importantly, he was able to work with my dad and satisfy  him. Hal was very patient and did a wonderful job of listening to what  my father wanted done, and he completed the project to my father’s very  discerning expectations.

  Hal Franscioni has been a blessing to our family and we would have no hesitation recommending his work to anyone!" 

Reed Munn - Orange Cove, CA

 "Hal has built two wheel chair ramps, installed a toilevator, and has  designed and installed a custom handrail in my home. He also installed a  handrail and grab bars in my daughter's home for our use. He's always  reliable and does quality work."  

Kent Smith & Betsy Grovhoug-Smith

 "Hal has been a good friend of ours for 18 years.  Over those years we  have consulted with and hired him for a number of projects, from a major  remodel to numerous smaller jobs.  When you hire a friend there is  always a risk that the relationship may suffer if the work is not up to  the standard you have set.  Our friendship has never been challenged  during all of this time.  Hal's integrity, his work ethic, and the  quality of the product he provides has always met the highest standard.  We would recommend him to anyone who desires not only a quality product,  but a quality person as well." 

Carol Keith

 "I have hired Hal Franscioni numerous times for remodeling projects on  two of my homes.  He is professional, extremely knowledgeable,  efficient, and accomplishes everything promptly and following our  agreement.  I would not hesitate to hire him for any future remodeling  at my home or recommend him to any of my friends." 

John & Giselle Labuda

 "We were very pleased with their craftsmanship, cleanliness, and  personality. We strongly recommend Hal. He is very profesional and gets  his work done in a timely manner."