About Us

 At AHR, we provide home modifications to create greater safety,  independence and comfort. Whether our clients are managing immediate  needs while recuperating from an accident or surgery, have become  permanently disabled and are in need of long-term solutions, or are  looking toward the future and want to make their homes more  user-friendly for them as they age, we strive to accommodate any  accessibility need.


Personal experience in dealing with the challenges faced by family  members led us to find ways to accommodate daily living needs in their  homes, as well as in our own. The difficulties faced by our parents as  they aged made clear the importance of home renovations as they  experienced mobility and access challenges such as declining physical  strength, diminishing eyesight, injuries resulting from falls, and other  issues related to the normal aging process.

  We have over twenty-five years of construction experience (Contractor's  License #662988). Accessible Home Renovations is a "Certified Aging in  Place Specialist" (CAPS) designated business. This certification is  awarded by the National Association of Home Builders upon completion of a  course dealing with the construction needs of our aging population. We  also hold an "Executive Certificate in Home Modification" earned by  taking a series of courses from the University of Southern California's  National Resource Center on Supportive Housing and Home Modification. 

 It's our desire to be part of the solution for those in need of home modification, and for those who love and care for them